Aiming to call out the everyday violence in adolescents’ closest circles at home and at school, the Secretariat of Public Education (SEP, for its Spanish initials), through the General Coordinating Office, has produced the comedy series Qué tanto es tantito [It’s No Big Deal].  

 Qué tanto es tantito [It’s No Big Deal] is a fiction series in a transmedia format with twelve 10-minute episodes that show a Mexican family whose members reproduce acts of violence that, due to the structural patterns we have all learned, go unnoticed.


Qué tanto es tantito [It’s No Big Deal] aims to reach adolescents through transmedia narratives: a primary television outlet on the channel Ingenio and a microsite hub to host the videos, QRs, and links. The characters will have their own social media to interact with the audience.


The transmedia series will unfold through several platforms where young users will be invited to produce content or give the characters advice.

Martha and Jaime have decided to separate. Martha moves into her father’s house in a mid-sized city with her daughter Sara (15)
and son Jaime (12).

Jaime stays in the big city in the apartment he rents. His daughter Martha stays with him because she’s about to start college.

Invite viewers to modify the ways we relate to one another, promoting individual awareness and social repair under the principle of not leaving anyone behind, not leaving anyone out. 

  • Young people from ages 12 to 17.
  • Educators and care givers. 
  • General public. 

  The primary outlet of the series will be the channel Ingenio and the digital platforms of and collaborating institutions.

Martha: Adriana Burgos
Jaime: José Carriedo
Martita: Betania Fonseca
Sara: Ami González
Jaimito: Santiago Valenzuela
Damián: Fernando Manzano
Gabino: Toño López

  Secretariat of Public Education

General Coordinating Office


September 2022